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               About me

My classes are for everyone, even beginners.

Poses are not the definition of yoga, which consists of breathing, deep relaxation and meditative practises, not just postures.

The type of yoga I teach is mindful and meditative. It is about focusing the mind, watching the breath and listening to the body. Mind, body and breath are then in union, working together. The practise is therapeutic and remedial, working towards releasing tension. In that way the breath can be settled, the mind calmed and the body released. A sense of deep relaxation and unity are attained.

Movements are slow and thoughtful, using the breath, with the mind focused within the body.
Anyone can practise this way, I teach in stages, offering alternatives and modifications, it is always the student’s practise rather than mine. This way muscles are gently stretched, joints eased, breathing deepened and tension dissolved. The body becomes more flexible and the mind calmer and more focused.This could be helpful in relieving stress related problems.

I have a British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma in Hatha Yoga and have studied a further module in meditation.
I have been practising since 1979 and teaching since 1982.
In Service training is ongoing and so is my learning!

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